Metal Clay Ocarina Tutorial

Update 1-28-16 

These tutorials assume you already have advanced Metal Clay or 3Doodling skills:

Have Fun!


  1. Hi, Gratz for your beautiful work! :) I would like to try your tutorial "make a copper ocarina" but the last page is missing :( Thanks :)!

    1. Thanks for the compliments!

      The program I used to make the tutorial was being twitchy, and actually wouldn't let me remove the last page that I wasn't even using, page 9 is blank. So it is complete, except the last line was obscured by the photo, sorry I didn't catch that! It should read: "Long jewelry tweezers help to remove the last few bits of shot that don't want to shake out."

      I do have an almost finished updated tutorial. It was supposed to be published in the latest edition of Metal Clay Artist Magazine, but now that the magazine isn't being published anymore I hadn't decided if I would publish it elsewhere or just update it here. I'll probably finish and upload it within a month. :)

    2. Ok thank you :D! And how much clay do I need to do one ocarina? (100 or 200g?)

    3. It depends on what size ocarina you want to make. If you are ordering clay I would go with 200 myself to make sure there is more than enough. The small ones I make use less than 100 total finished. The big ones use more.

    4. I've finished a better PDF version of my tutorial! The link is at the top of the blogpost, I'll try and paste it here too:

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