Sterling Silver & Polymer Clay Ear Cuffs

Last updated 10-26-14
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Made in 2014
#55 - Sold

Made in 2012
#52 - Sold

Made in 2011

#51 - Private Collection - "Ruth" with 14K gold wire

#50 - Sold

#49 - Sold

#48 - Sold

#47 - Sold

#46 - Sold

#45 - Sold

#44 - Sold

#43 - Sold

#42 - Sold

#41 - Sold

#40 - Sold

#39 - Sold - moonstone

#37 - Sold - calico kitten

#36 - Sold - moonstone

#35 - Sold

Made in 2010

#34 - NFS - baby forest dragon with newborns

#33 - Sold - "Storm & Charcoal"

#32 - Private Collection - "Snowflake"

#31 - Sold

#30 - Sold

#29 - Sold

Most fairydragons are easy to care for, they eat sweet things like flower petals and the occasional gemstone. Zombie dragons however are much more fussy, they only eat brains. The perfect dragon minion to do your bidding!
#26 - zombie fairydragon - Sold

#25 - zombie fairydragon - NFS

#24 - vampire fairydragon - Sold

#23 - Sold

#22 - Sold

#21 - Sold

#20 - Sold

#19 - Sold

#18 - Sold

#17 - Sold

#16 - Sold
detailed photos slideshow

#15 - Sold

#14 - Sold

#13 - Sold

Made in 2008 - 2009

#12 - NFS
detailed photos

#11 - NFS
detailed photos

#10 - Sold
detailed photos

#9 - Coming soon to etsy!

#8 - Sold

#7 - Coming soon to etsy!
detailed photos

#6 - NFS
detailed photos

#5 - Sold

#4 - Sold

#3 - Coming soon to etsy!

#2 - Sold

#1 - NFS - Deady fan art, based on the art of Voltaire


  1. So sad you dont have some of the really cool ones for sale :(

  2. Most of my jewelry sells right away when I put it on eBay, so the best little guys go fast! Unless of course you mean the ones that aren't for sale at all, and I do have to keep a few for myself to wear around town and Faire for marketing! Sometimes I like to put a LOT of work into a piece to make it really amazing, but most people wouldn't want to pay me enough money to make those worthwhile. I'm half finished with one of those right now, he'll be #34 and Not For Sale. I will occasionally put a really good one on eBay like #33 to see what will happen and give people a chance for a great sculpture for less... But normally that level of detail is only available on commissions. People seem to prefer the auctions that run for a lower starting bid, which means I don't want to dedicate as much time to each piece.

  3. #37 is soo cute, I just talked to Carrie about the possibility of a commissioned piece to look like my marbled bengal, Riddick. Can't wait!

  4. so excited about my new dragon (#42). you know what I was thinkin would be awesome? a video of you makin these little guys.. I would so love to see that : )

  5. A video is unlikely, since I am camera shy, and it takes between 6-12 hours to make one, so that's a lot of editing to make it watchable. Although I do hope to buy an iPad2 sometime this summer, so I might try it :) But lets be honest, it’s far more likely that I’ll make a video of my cats being cute!

  6. LOL that's ok too! it's just that the process of it makes me very curious. But hey, if it happens please let me know : )

  7. Hi, I've been trying to vote on the holiday giveaway, but I keep getting an error message (cannot find website).

  8. Ann,

    That's odd... So I just tried to place a vote, and it let me vote on my own poll! It looks like it will even let people vote more than once, so I'm not sure how effective or accurate of a poll it is. It's just one of blogger's gadgets that I'm using for free, so I don't know how to fix it... Maybe I can just have everyone email me their preference, that way I can make sure it's accurate, but it would be more of a hassle for everyone.

  9. I took the poll down, please email me your preference and I'll keep track of everyone's votes manually! I'll try to post an update once or twice a week so people can know which type of dragon is winning!

  10. The detail in your work is absolutely amazing!