Fairydragon Trees

#1 - NFS - epoxy and mixed medium

I started working on this project over a year ago, maybe even two. The poor tree hung on my wall as an armature for the longest time. I made it to display my completed flexible fairydragon ear cuffs. It's also great for hanging dragon skeletons waiting for completion, and for hanging dragons while they wait for their gloss to dry. Ornaments and things hang well from it too. It's nice to have something up high where the pets can't reach, but still in the open so I can see them rather than stuffed in a box somewhere.

I think I may make a smaller one to sell on eBay, this big guy took forever, and I can't imagine anyone else needing so many hooks! Any of my collectors who already have dragons and would like a custom one made to match their dragon(s), let me know! The price will vary greatly with size and detail. All those little babies took a week!

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