Flexible Fairydragon Fitting Tips

Unless your ear is the exact same shape as mine, it probably won't fit perfectly right out of the box.  Here are some tips for bending your fairydragon to get him to fit you if you have trouble.

I find that there are two important parts for holding the flexible fairydragons on (my ear anyway.) 

The first is to have the tail wrap snugly across the back of the ear (holding it on at the top where the ear meets the head.) 

If the dragon is too loose on top, change the shape of the tail. I would start by curling it in at the end of the tail and then reshaping the tip to look okay once you have it fitting snug.  Conversely, if it’s too tight, curl it out at the end and then reshape the tip once it fits well.  

And second, having the front arms (the ones at the bottom) grasp the inside of the ear tightly, but not so tight that it hurts. 

The back legs don't have much function, the dragon would just look silly without them!
Sometimes my long hair can get caught in the wings and tug the dragon as well. I often wear some or all of my long hair clipped back with a large fairydragon on.
Spend some time looking in a mirror with the dragon and gently bending it to try and get all the legs and tail to fit to the contours of your ear, paying special attention to the tail and front legs.  It helps if you have several mirrors, so that you can see the side and/or back of the ear as well.  The only parts of the dragons that don't bend are the body (it's too thick) and the head itself (which is too thick and made of a different kind of clay.)  The tail, neck, legs, and wings can all be reshaped to fit!