Metal Ocarina Pendants - English Style

Last updated 9-8-15

Metal Ocarina Pendants in the English style.  Tough, elegant, and individually handmade and tuned to be "in tune with itself."  To see what I currently have available for sale, please visit my etsy shop.  I might also occasionally have a piece on eBay with a starting bid at the wholesale price.

Each ocarina is hand signed on the back, as well as numbered in the order they were created.  They come strung on a jewelry cord, gift-boxed, and with a songbook.

FAQ: Which Ocarina should I get, metalplastic, or ceramic?  My metal ocarinas double as fine jewelry, and won't break if you drop them on the floor.  They do however have the characteristics of a metal ocarina.  They heat up as you play, which slightly alters the sound.  Also when played for a while moisture will build up in the wind way, potentially hindering playing.  They are best played for brief periods, just a few songs at a time.  My plastic ocarinas are also very durable, but cannot hold as much detail in design.  Plastic offers a variety of color options, the ability to come in a larger size, and can also be cleaned easily.  I personally enjoy playing the plastic ocarinas more, and wearing the metal, I like both.  I don't make ceramic ocarinas, so if you'd like one of those, you should continue your search!

Metal Ocarina Care:
The ocarina can be gently hand washed with warm soapy water.  Copper tarnishes naturally, tarnish can be removed if desired with a jewelry cleaning cloth or any commercial copper cleaner.

My ocarinas are made with COPPRClay, and some are also embellished with WHITE COPPRclay.  Allergy Warning: WHITE COPPRClay contains nickel which many people have a skin allergy to.  If you believe you may have an allergy to nickel please avoid the white copper ocarinas and stick to the plain copper ones.

I can make you a copper ocarina to order, the minimum wait time will be 3 weeks or more depending on my waiting list at the time.  Contact me for an exact quote, which will be based on the following price guide.

Custom Ocarina Price Guide:

4 hole ocarinas will play an entire scale of 8 notes, 6 hole ocarinas play up to 10 notes.  The 4 hole ocarina is higher in pitch because it is smaller.

Size 1 -  Plain copper 4 hole English Pendant Ocarina - Base Retail Price - $147
This size is perfect for wearing as jewelry all day at the Faire.  It is only available in 4 holes.

Sound Samples are a preview to give you an idea of what each size will sound like.  Each one might be in a slightly different key as they are each made by hand.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Sound Sample, Size 1, 4 holes:

Size 2 - Plain copper 5 hole English Pendant Ocarina - Base Retail Price - $157
This pendant is a bit larger and much thicker than size 1, as a result it is a bit heavier and distortion from the firing process is more noticeable.  The sound is deeper, which I find more pleasing.  A thumb hole on the back adds one additional note, increasing the number of songs that can be played.

Twilight Princess Sound Sample, Size 2, 5 holes:

Size 3 - Plain copper 6 hole English Pendant Ocarina - Base Retail Price - $174
Very large for a pendant but with an even deeper sound that is enjoyable to play and fits in the hand well, especially for larger hands that might have a hard time holding on to size 1.  2 thumb holes are added to the bottom of this pendant for 2 additional notes, increasing the number of songs that can be played.

Zelda's Lullaby Sound Sample, Size 3,  6 holes:

Additions to make it more awesome!
  • Appliquéd existing design from my shop, such as "tree of life" or "fairy dragon door," in either copper or white copper +$30
  • Simple small stone setting made with slip and stone (limited sapphire availability, many colors available as cubic zirconia) up to 4mm +$15 each
  • Custom bezel stone setting with an available stone, such as red creek or ocean jasper +$50
  • Marbled top with white copper +$30
  • Custom engraved message +$10 *example* "Happy Birthday Jane, love always, John."
Custom engraved designs are not returnable

Inquire about Wholesale pricing for orders of 10 or more.

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