Copper Metal Clay Ocarina Pendant Giveaway

Update:  This giveaway is from June of 2014, and has concluded.

Another giveaway and it isn't Christmas yet?  It is true, I am doing a second giveaway this year!  For details on how to enter go to the Metal Clay Heads Team blog.  In fact there will be more giveaways throughout the year from a variety of skilled artisans, so you might want to bookmark that blog for later!

This time I am giving away a copper metal clay english style ocarina pendant.  The front of the pendant has white copper swirled in with the regular copper, and features an included purple sapphire.  It is a 4 hole english pendant, the size is perfect for wearing all day at an event such as the Renaissance Faire.  It comes strung on a jewelry cord, gift boxed, and with a short songbook.


  1. Hi Carrie!=) I'd love to enter this giveaway event, I dont know how to suscribe and I dont see your post on the blog so do I have to suscribe to Etsy? Thanks :D

    1. Sorry about the confusion! This post is from last year, and the winner already has the piece. All the team giveaways have concluded some time ago, which is probably why you don't see it on the team blog, all the newer posts are probably burying the giveaway posts.

    2. I found the post, it was from June of last year. I'll update my post here as well to indicate that the giveaway is closed. Sorry about that!

    3. Ho ok I was too happy XD I tried to make a copper ocarina but I cannot work the copper clay when it's wet because the 2 halves are collapsing and now I am trying your way (dry before carving) and I will show you the results =)