Holiday giveaway 2010


Time to pick the winner!

I received less entries than expected, so everyone has a great chance of winning! Too many to roll a 20 sided die though, so the names are getting printed and drawn from a hat like originally planned.

Here's a photo of all the entries, blurred so the names can't be read through the paper...

And I'm mixing them up really good and preparing to draw the winning scrap of paper from my tiny santa hat...

And here it is, who could it be?

I've emailed the winner! Snowflake is preparing to fly off to sunny California to spread some winter cheer. I'll probably have a contest next winter for another dragon, so everyone will get another chance in 2011! Happy Holidays to everyone!

Meet Snowflake, a sweet little fairydragon who would love to spend the Holidays with you!

detailed photos of Snowflake

I’m celebrating a great year of selling fairydragon jewelry by giving one away.

I’ll accept entries through November, the winner will be selected randomly from a hat on December 1st 2010 (possibly a red hat with white trim.)

To enter just send your name and email address to BatyaAidan@gmail.com with the subject “holiday giveaway.”

Only one entry per person please.

The winner will be notified by email on December 1st, at which time I’ll ask for a mailing address. The dragon will be gift boxed in case the winner wants to give him as a present.

Good luck!

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