Happy Holidays 2018

Happy Holidays everyone!  

This year my husband wanted to make 3D ornaments, so I turned our holiday card into an ornament we could make together.  If you'd like to print and make your own, you can grab a copy for free at this link.

2018 Holiday Card, 3D
2018 Holiday Card

Miniature Paint Organizer


I've been working on a project to organize my miniature paint for many months, and today it is mostly finished!  The lid should be done next weekend I hope.
Concept Sketch
Organizer drilled and dragon army approved!
Bottom, coverd in resin and finished. The rainbow poplar wood I picked out is gorgeous, but rather soft, so hopefully the resin protects it.
Inside, with lots of holes for paint!

I used a dremel to sign our initials on the bottom, my husband and I made this project together. <3 td="">
Color wheel of paint!
I love how the resin fills in all the flaws in the cheap wood we destroyed with power tools...

Magnets are inset into the side walls, and the bottom of the lid, so when the lid is done it will have a nice dust cover.

Miniature Painting Tutorial


Happy weekend everyone!  I put together a collection of tips and tricks for miniature painting.  I don't go into extensive detail on any one topic, it is more of an overall rambling from start to finish for creating a mini for tabletop gaming.  Click HERE for a link to the google drive pdf.


Reaper Bones "Silver Dragon" as Gorgeous George the Rainbow Opal Dragon



Miniatures I've painted for tabletop gaming.

Reaper Bones "Silver Dragon" as Gorgeous George the Rainbow Opal Dragon
Reaper Bones "Silver Dragon" as Gorgeous George the Rainbow Opal Dragon
Reaper Bones "Female Dragon Slayer"
Reaper Silver Anniversary "Trista the Loremistress" as Batya
Reaper "Tox" wizard.
Reaper Bones fairy dragon from familiar pack 1
Reaper Bones "Dragon Hatchling Red" as a Young Opal Dragon
Reaper Bones "Pack Donkey" as Misha.
Reaper Bones "Mockingbeast" for Aaron.
Reaper Bones "Townsfolk - Oswald the Overladen" as Esteban for Aaron.
Reaper Bones "Townsfolk - Oswald the Overladen" as Esteban for Aaron.
Esteban encounters a chest in the dark... I'm really enjoying adding glow in the dark to minis.
Reaper Anniversary Mini "Darius the Blue" for Jim.
A pack of Mouselings, painted for our local Game Masters who received a ratfolk boon at Marmalade Dog Gaming Convention.

Reaper "Halfling Wizard" as Borigard Finkelstein, conquerer of the Emerald Spire Superdungeon, for Stacey.
Borigard and his faithful bunny friend Curtis in the dark.
Reaper "Alfred Redlute Bard" and "Lurien Ghost" as a Mariachi Gunslinger and Undine Dirge Bard for my husband and I.
Reaper Hatchetfish from Familiar Pack VII
Reaper "Dragon Tortoise" for Jim


Holiday Giveaway 2016

Update 12-15-16

The giveaway is over and the dragon is on the way to the winner!  Happy Holidays everyone!


The holiday giveaway was unfortunatly cancelled last year because of my health issues, but I’m all fixed up and back to work this year!  This year’s holiday gift is a new design that isn’t available in my etsy shop yet, so the giveaway is the only way to get one in time for Christmas!  This design will be in my shop soon, but this is the original piece and as such is larger and unique to all future pendants.

I will accept entries until December 12th.  The lucky winner will be drawn from a santa hat on the 12th and notified by email. Winner must respond within 1 week or forfeit to the next name drawn.

To enter, send your name and email address to with the subject "Holiday Giveaway."

The pendant will be gift boxed in case the winner wants to give it as a present.

Good luck!

Also, I’ve added a few new items to my shop this year and restocked some sold out items.  You can use the coupon code FRIENDSANDFAMILY to get 10% off everything from my shop for the next week.

As many of you know, I work part time at a day-job currently.  But that will likely be changing in the very near future, probably to full time status at another location.  What this will mean for my etsy shop is uncertain.  I will of course continue making art, but I might not be able to accept commissions anymore.  If I am, they will take considerably longer as my day-job will have to be a priority.  My husband is a school teacher, and with Betsy DeVos poised to be the new Secretary of Education… me having an actual career with a guaranteed pay check every week might be a good plan for our continued ability to afford dinner.

Happy Holidays everyone!