Holiday Giveaway 2011

Update - 12-1-11

The winner has been pulled from a hat and notified!

Next year I'll give away a dragon ear wrap for the left ear! Happy Holidays to everyone!

Update - 10-31-11

Here they are! It's time for my second annual holiday giveaway! Winter themed ice blue dragons with rainbow moonstone and silver earrings. I will accept entries through November, and the winner will be selected randomly from a hat on December 1st 2011.

To enter send your name and email address to BatyaAidan@gmail.com with the subject "holiday giveaway."

The winner will be notified by email on December 1st, and have until December 7th to respond before a new winner is chosen. The dragons will be gift boxed in case the winner wants to give them as a present.

Good luck!

Update - 10-25-11

Looks like not many people wanted to vote, so I don't think I'll be doing that again... The earrings have it this year, and next year I'll do an ear wrap. I sculpted the giveaway earrings yesterday! They are about half done, photos coming soon, then I'll start excepting entries :)


I tried to do a poll so everyone could vote on what they would prefer to win in this year's holiday giveaway...

But the poll didn't work very well for several reasons and I don't know much HTML, so let's try this another way...

If you want to vote, send me an email to batyaaidan@gmail.com

Subject: Holiday Giveaway (so I don't think you are spam!)

Your message need only be which item you would prefer, choose from:
  • small dragon ear cuff - left ear - 0 votes
  • small dragon ear cuff - right ear - 0 votes
  • dragon ear wrap - left ear - 2 votes
  • dragon ear wrap - right ear - 0 votes
  • fairydragon earrings - 3 votes
This way everyone can vote even if their web browser doesn't want to let them, and each email address only gets one vote.

I'll announce the giveaway dragon and start accepting entries at the end of October! Just voting won't count as an entry, since people may change email addresses, or the most popular item might not be something everyone wants. I will send an email to each person who votes to let you know that entries are being accepted, you won't have to remember all summer long!

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