Sterling Silver & Polymer Clay Earrings

Last updated 7-1-13
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Made in 2013

#24 - Sold
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#23 - Sold
blue kyanite
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Made in 2012

#22 - Sold
charoite and amethyst
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#21- Sold - labradorite
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#20 - Sold
crackle quartz and amethyst
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Made in 2011

#19 - Private Collection - Goldstone
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#18 - Sold - clear fluorite and quartz

#17 - private collection - moonstone

#16 - Private Collection - aquamarine

#15 - Private Collection - citrine

#14 - NFS - seraphinite

#13 - Sold - amethyst

#12 - NFS - charoite

#11 - Sold - citrine

#10 - Sold - "Baby Feed Me & Baby Hug Me"- aquamarine

#9 - Sold - blue kyanite

#8 - Sold - seraphinite

Made in 2009 - 2010

#7 - Sold - aquamarine

#6 - NFS - tourmalinated quartz

#5 - Sold - blue tigerseye

#4 - Sold - tigerseye
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#3 - Sold - citrine
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#2 - Private Collection - citrine
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#1 - NFS - tourmalinated quartz


  1. Question! why is #6 not for sale..?

  2. Because I love them and I wear them almost every day ;)

  3. And #1 cuz theyre the first of the kind..??

  4. Yes, and they match the rest of a set I made for Ren Faire.

  5. oooh ok! I love the earrings but I gotta take a break from spending so much money @_@ maybe some time in the future! not to far hopefully :(

  6. Restraint is probably a good idea, don't make yourself broke over dragon jewelry, I'll still be here when you have the extra spending money!

    I've had a similar problem of late. At least once a week I have to refrain from bidding on an item from this eBay store:

    I've been buying birthday presents for my friends from her. Handblown glass is so neat, and the seller is super nice.

  7. I know I've seen it! I love her work! I will contact you some time soon! I WANT a pair of earrings!

  8. I love your earrings. As the proud owner of 3 pairs I can tell you they get a lot of compliments. I do tend to mix and match them though. I love it when they're different on both sides.

  9. Thanks Ann! I really like them too, I keep wanting to make more for myself. I should have started making these little guys sooner.

    How fun that you mix them up, like socks that don't quite match! Maybe I should make more pairs where they are each a bit different. I thought most people would want them to be similar to each other, but I think it's kind of fun to have the expressions and/or poses different. I hadn't thought to mix up pairs, now I really need another color for myself ;)