Magnetic Sculptures

Last updated 2-6-15
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#4 - Available

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#2 - Sold
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I made this guy for my husband for his birthday last year, and just got around to taking the photos. Originally he was going to be a bobble-head, but it didn't work out unfortunately. I'm going to make more for eBay soon. It's a fun little sculpture that you can take around with you. I think I'm going to make a wall-hanging to keep them on.

#1 - Private Collection
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  1. So, at the ren faire I saw little gnomes that attached to magnets so that you could wear them on your shoulder by putting a magnet inside your clothes. Your sculptures would be great for that (hint, hint).

    1. That was the idea of these guys! I hardly ever go to Faire anymore though... maybe I will take new photos and put #4 on eBay soon :) I also have an armature for an adult flexible white dragon that has been waiting for me to finish him for YEARS, maybe I'll finally finish him soon!

    2. See, this is the reason that you have a saved search on ebay and I check your etsy store regularly.