Happy Holidays 2013!

I was a kickstarter backer for the 3Doodler 3D printing pen, and it arrived just in time to draw ornaments for christmas to send out with my christmas cards.

The pen is pretty darn awesome, particularly after a bit of practice.  Normally my work is very detailed and smooth, but the 3Doodler doesn't lend itself well to that sort of thing, impressionism is it's friend.  I did smooth areas out occasionally by pressing the hot tip and edges of the pen into the plastic.  And occasionally with my fingers on freshly doodled plastic (don't try that at home kids!)  I'm looking forward to doodling more in 3D after the holiday rush.

If you have a 3Doodler and would like to make my ornament designs yourself, feel free to copy, paste, print, and doodle!  Mine are made from ABS plastic, the clear part at the top is PLA.

And just for fun, this is my first 3Doodle drawing that is really and truly 3D:


  1. Your results are amazing right from the start! I have seen bunches of doodles with this pen, your ornaments are my favorite so far!

    1. Thanks Kathy! It did take a bit of getting used to. Similar to drawing with a glue gun. Once I accepted that things would be more impressionistic than realistic it was a lot of fun :)