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Merchandise!  And someone else does the production work, so I still have some time left to make cute little dragons.

I'm trying to order at least one of every type of item I put in the shop, and will put a photo and review here.  I plan to slowly add new designs, so these photos are examples of the types of items available in the store, click the link on the top of this page to see all the available designs.

T-shirts - The images lose some vibrancy during the printing process.  They aren't terrible, but they aren't exactly as advertised either.  When Zazzle has a sale the American Apparel t-shirt with a design printed on is less than the price of a blank shirt from American Apparel, so I'll take several!  Some designs do well on a light or dark tee, and others suffer from a particular color.  I'll be limiting which colors are available on each style accordingly since I'm not in control of the printing process.

Adult American Apparel Tee:

Baby Tee:

Magnets - The image quality is a bit darker than the original jpg, but looks really nice.  Details are crisp.  It seems to be a photo print affixed to a magnet backing.  Simple, flexible, and pretty cool.  I'd order more.

Mugs - The photo here is of an espresso mug.  I guess I don't know much about espresso mugs, but I do know that if you filled this guy up, it would be an awful lot of espresso!  The handle is a *bit* crooked.  The design itself is blurry and not printed straight, that kind of thing really bugs me.  I don't love it, and I'm mentioning it here mostly so people will know why I'm not putting my designs on them.

My work stands for quality, and not everything Zazzle sells holds up to my high standards, so I'm going to be picky about what I offer my designs on.  They do offer a 100% guarantee that they will take returns if you don't like what you order, which is nice.  However, you have to mail it back to them.  It's sort of a hassle to mail back the coffee mug I'm not in love with, especially for how little I'll get back.  On the other hand, most people probably don't expect that much from a coffee mug.  So buyer beware, when they say the preview image will look exactly like what they will ship you, it isn't necessarily true.