Magnetic Sculpture Information

My magnetic sculptures are made from high quality polymer clay without the use of any molds at any point in the process--each one is unique and one-of-a-kind. They are baked according to the manufacturers instructions to ensure a long life. Artist-grade acrylic paint and Pearl Ex powdered pigments are used to make each piece unique and lifelike in appearance. Each sculpture is signed in paint in a discreet area. After painting, the entire sculpture is coated with liquid polymer clay and baked again to give it a nice finish and protect the paint. An outdoor gloss is used to make the hand-painted inserted glass eyes sparkle.

A rare earth magnet is embedded in the bottom of the piece with epoxy after the sculpture is complete. A second (included) magnet makes it easy to attach the sculpture to clothing for a trip to Faire, or curtains, a fabric wall-hanging, or even a refrigerator for display at home.

**Magnets are very strong and should not be used near pacemakers, or electronic equipment such as computers. Keep them safe from children and pets, they can be dangerous if ingested!**

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