Holiday Giveaway 2013

Update - 12-1-13 

The winner's name has been pulled from the hat and the pendant will fly off for the holidays shortly.  Thank you to everyone for inspiring me to keep making stuff!  Happy Holidays!


Presenting my fairy dragon on a castle pendant!

It's time for my fourth annual holiday giveaway!  I will accept entries throughout November, and the winner will be selected randomly from a hat on December 1st 2013.

To enter send your name and email address to with the subject "Holiday Giveaway."

The winner will be notified by email on December 1st, and have until December 7th to respond before a new winner is chosen.   The pendant will be gift boxed in case the winner wants to give him as a present.

Good luck!

About this piece: I haven't had much time to make polymer art this year, I have been focusing on filing my etsy shop with metal designs and it has taken up more time than I anticipated.  Since most of my sales this year have been in metal, I'm giving away a metal piece for the giveaway this year!

This pendant is a new design, not available for sale yet (though it will be in a few weeks, so if you really like it and you don't win check my etsy shop for it's little brothers.)  Metal clay shrinks in the kiln as the clay binder burns off and the metal sinters together.  This means that when I make a piece from a mold, the new piece is smaller and slightly less detailed than the original.  Whomever wins this giveaway will have the original design, never to be replicated exactly in all it's detailed glory!

P.S. - I haven't given up polymer work.  But after 6 years of selling polymer dragons I only make an average of 4 dollars an hour on polymer pieces, which isn't enough to pay my bills, so I want to focus more on something that I can make a living wage doing so that I can afford to still make polymer work sometimes too.  I should have a few pieces for sale in December, including the one flexible dragon I promised each year :)  If you have a preference in color for the flexible dragon, email me your choice, the most requested color will be the one I make!

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