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I just signed up for a Zazzle Shop!

My designs will be available on t-shirts, magnets, mugs, and a variety of other items! The best part for me, is someone else does all the work of making the stuff, so I can still have time to make cute little dragons.

I plan to slowly add items, so check back later, or email me if you don't see a particular piece in the shop you would like, and then I'll give that one a priority.

I placed my first order today, and purchased a small variety of items, so that I can see if they are good quality or not. They seem to be a reputable company. And they have free shipping on all orders if you pay them 10 bucks a year for the privilege. I LOVE free shipping, so I signed up.

Update - 2-1-12

I received my first package today! A few t-shirts in this bag... I have mixed feelings about them.

The star bunny turned out okay, but lost some vibrancy in the printing process. I'm looking forward to getting a coffee mug and a magnet in the mail to see if they retain the right quality or if they lose something in the printing process as well. I don't hate it, but I admit to being a bit disappointed. No replacement for an original I guess.

As for my first DTPD dragon design... I made the mistake of ordering it on a grey t-shirt. I did this for several reasons, first to see how a design would look on grey, second because a grey flocked pattern hides stains better, and I bought the t-shirt for my godchild. Children are messy. But I'm not sure if the color loss is because of the grey, or because of the printing process... The design is drastically different from what I put on Zazzle though. It is smaller, a lot of detail was lost, and the colors are very dark. I think the next time I place an order (which will be soon) I'll pick one up on a dark color to see if the printing is different, they claim that it is... If that doesn't work it may need to be a white only design. Who aside from polymer sculptors wear white t-shirts all the time?

I know this is a photo of a computer screen, so the color is a bit off, but really it is dramatic. Their representation of the grey t-shirt is MUCH lighter than the actual shirt, and the printing doesn't come close to looking that nice... I don't recommend the grey at all, which is too bad because I love grey flocked shirts.

Update 2-14-12

New shirts in the mail today! MUCH better!

It looks like some things do better on white shirts, and some on dark, and the trick is in knowing which is which. I think I might limit what colors each style is available on so that nobody else orders one and has to be disappointed :) They had to do several coats of ink to put this design on a dark shirt, which made it look FAR better than it looked on a light one. It does suffer a faint white outline so that it could be on a dark shirt, but I don't think it's too distracting and it's still far better than the printing quality on grey.

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