Molded Jewelry Information

Update 7-31-11

Making molds seemed like a good idea at the time, something I should at least try. It took a lot of the fun out of clay, and I didn't like getting away from one-of-a-kind work, so I probably won't be making more.


Because sometimes one-of-a-kind prices aren't what you are looking for...

The sculpture started out with a handmade original that was used to make a mold. The mold is the basis for each piece, but minor variations will be made to each. No two will ever be exactly alike, even though a mold was used. High quality polymer clay is used to make up the body of the sculpture.

The sculptures are baked according to the manufacturers instructions to ensure a long life. Artist-grade acrylic paint and Pearl Ex powdered pigments are used to make each piece unique. Each sculpture is signed in a discreet area. After painting, the entire sculpture is coated with liquid polymer clay and baked again to give it a nice finish and protect the paint.

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