Grab Back


For my fellow survivors who might need a little art therapy: a free coloring sheet to print.  Like a lioness pride, we women are stronger together, and we grab back.
I don't normally post political things here.  But this isn't about politics, it is about decency.  About treating other people the way we would like to be treated.  Like millions of other women, I have been triggered by the words and behavior of one of the candidates for President of the United States.  

I am a survivor.  I have been harassed, assaulted, stalked, and raped.  And that shouldn't shock anyone, because ALL women face harassment.  We begin being harassed before we are old enough to understand what it means.  We are grabbed by random men and by people we thought were our friends.  We are raped by people we know, and by strangers whose names we may never learn.  Sometimes it is personal.  Mostly it is about power.  But it is always personal for those of us who said no and are left to live with the haunting memories for years to come.

If we elect a President who believes he can do whatever he wants to women, that says something terrible about us as a nation.  It emboldens the men who have done these horrible things before, it teaches young boys that it is okay to behave that way and girls that we have to put up with it.  The statistics of how many, and how often, people are sexually assaulted will go up, not down.  That is simply unacceptable.  We must destroy rape culture.  We can do that together.  We can grab back.

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