Mouse Friends

I'm really happy with our mouse traps, and I feel like writing about it today, even though this is an art blog. Every time we catch a mouse, I end up adding new things into the trap for next time. It makes it look like a cage for a pet mouse, instead of a trap. I feel like I'm running a little mouse hotel, it's more of a guest room than a trap.

The humane trap I'm using is a Pro-Ketch, I bought it on I put it inside a tupperware container with a hole so that the cats can't mess with the trap and injure themselves or my new mouse. I also have one under the sink behind child safety locks.

I put down a little paper towel inside, to soak up mouse pee and any water they might spill. I use a cap from a spice jar to hold water for the mouse. And I make him a little sandwich. Turns out, mice don't really like triscuits. Or, perhaps they just like peanut butter so much, they never get time to eat the triscuit too before I catch them. I think I'll switch to a different cracker next time I buy some just in case. I added some peanuts and sunflower seeds this time. No photos of any mice yet, I keep hurrying to drop them off in the park, and forget to document their cuteness.

I'm hoping to get our house better sealed off this summer so we stop getting little visitors. But in the mean time, it's awesome to have a humane way to trap the mice. Easy to clean, and easy to transport them to a new location. Hopefully when they get to the park they have a chance to make a new home. It's safer than living with my cats at least. And the best part, is since obtaining the traps, I don't find dead mice anymore. They seem to find the peanut butter before my cats find them, so everyone is happy. Except my cats, but they have tons of toys :)


  1. >.> this is a new level of special hun... but I suppose I should not be shocked, you've always been more critter friendly then me and thats' saying something ;-)

  2. Special huh? Can you look in a sweet little mousie's face and say that? I mean really, who doesn't think they are adorable, with those beady eyes and whiskers? When not worrying about the plague and hanta virus anyway, and mostly I just don't... I refrain from getting pet mice with some amount of difficulty, but then I think about mouse poo, which is gross, and I stick to my cats.

    Did you know I've been vegan for years? The only things I kill any more are parasites and stinging insects. Mosquitoes and yellow jackets are smashed with relish, those jerks. And evil ninjas, I guess I'd be okay with swatting those too if I found any in my house, but only the evil ones. Sweet cuddly ninjas like in "Ninja Town" are fed cookies. I can't wait for the sequel to that ds game.

  3. Em, did we discuss scorpions yet? Did you say if they live near you or not? I think I'd squash scorpions too, do they count as a stinging insect? Man they creep me out.

    But seriously, you really shouldn't be shocked. I'm even planting flowers for the bees. :)