Flexible Fairydragon Ear Cuff Information

The following video shows an example of how a fairydragon can bend to fit and hold its shape without breaking. The second video shows how I put an ear wrap on.

Ideally, the fairydragon should be bent to the shape of your individual ear, and not purposefully bent often. I recommend pulling your ear taught to get the earring to slip on while it is in a fixed state. Fairydragons are works of art, not children’s toys. As with all metal, the wire in the armature is not meant to be bent sharply back and forth. Eventually the metal becomes weak at the flexing point and breaks. This can be easily avoided by simply not stressing the metal armature unnecessarily. If the fairydragon is treated gently it should be a faithful companion for many years to come!

My fairydragons begin as a tough and flexible wire armature. They are carefully sculpted from a mixture of Kato Polyclay and Sculpey Bake & Bend polymer clay with an exacting attention to detail. The body, tail, legs, and neck are made entirely of the Bake & Bend clay. As a result they are gently posable so you can make sure the dragon fits your individual ear snugly without breaking. The clay is baked at the appropriate temperature for the correct period of time to ensure that the clay is cured properly. Artist-grade acrylic paint and Pearl Ex powdered pigments are used to make each fairydragon unique and lifelike in appearance. Fairydragons are signed in paint on the inside of a rear foot where it will not show when worn. After painting, the entire body is coated with liquid polymer clay and baked again to give it a nice finish and protect the paint. The wings are also flexible and hand-made of mixed media. They are coated with a non-toxic outdoor gloss. The eyes are inserted glass beads, which have been hand-painted and coated with an outdoor gloss as well to make them sparkle.

Each fairydragon is detailed on all sides to look as lifelike as possible, and no molds are used at any point in the process--each one is unique and one-of-a-kind. The fairydragon's legs hold on to the side of the ear, and the tail wraps around the top so they fit securely. It may take a few days of bending the legs and tail a bit to get the fairydragon into the perfect position for your ear so that it is comfortable. In the event that the fairydragon just doesn't fit the unique shape of your ear you are welcome to return it for the purchase price (less the cost of shipping.)

The fairydragons weigh an average of 15 to 20 grams. Similar to the weight of a bluetooth wireless headset.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at batyaaidan(at) and I'll usually answer you within a day.

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