Ear Wrap Information

(New) Ear Wraps are made with argentium sterling silver wire. Argentium silver is highly tarnish resistant thanks to germanium. If tarnish should form on the wire, it is a light yellow color and rinses off easily with soap and water.

My ear wraps begin as a tough and flexible wire armature. The part of the wrap that hides behind your ear is twisted sterling silver wire, and it extends into the sculpture for durability. They are carefully sculpted from high quality polymer clay without the use of any molds and are baked according to the manufacturers instructions to ensure a long life. Artist-grade acrylic paint and Pearl Ex powdered pigments are used to make each ear wrap unique and lifelike in appearance. Each sculpture is signed in paint in a discreet area where it will not show when worn. After painting, the entire piece is coated with liquid polymer clay and baked again to give it a nice finish and protect the paint. An outdoor gloss is used to make the hand-painted inserted glass eyes sparkle.

Each ear wrap is detailed on all sides to look as lifelike as possible, and no molds are used at any point in the process--each one is unique and one-of-a-kind. They are one size fits all and just slip on over the top of the ear. The sculpture itself should not be bent, but the sterling silver wire can be adjusted to more perfectly fit an individuals ear. When bending the wire, care should be taken to not bend it directly at the base of the sculpture, as this may possibly cause cracks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at batyaaidan(at) and I'll usually answer you within a day.

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